VWF/FVIII Treatment for von Willebrand Disease

wilate® – Balanced 1:1 formulation of VWF/FVIII developed specifically for VWD

wilate is a von Willebrand Factor/Factor VIII Complex indicated for use in children and adults with von Willebrand Disease (VWD) for on-demand treatment and control of bleeding episodes and for the perioperative management of bleeding.1 Unlike some VWF/FVIII products that were initially developed for the treatment of hemophilia A, wilate is the only VWF/FVIII complex developed specifically for the treatment of VWD.1-3

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A balanced 1:1 formulation of VWF/FVIII1,3,4

wilate contains a physiologic 1:1 ratio of VWF and FVIII to restore balance in both primary and secondary hemostasis

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Effective control of major and minor bleeding4

In prospective clinical trials with 44 VWD patients and 1095 bleeding episodes, wilate resolved bleeds with a mean daily dose of 29 IU/kg

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Low Recommended Loading and Maintenance Dosing* For All VWD Types1

Low dosing for the treatment of minor and major hemorrhages.

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Safety and Tolerability

No reported cases of thrombotic events in clinical trials with 92 VWD patients receiving 5676 infusions of wilate*

When using a FVIII-containing VWF product, the treating physician should be aware that continued treatment may cause excessive rise in FVIII activity. Monitor plasma levels of VWF:RCo and FVIII activities in patients receiving wilate to avoid sustained excessive VWF and FVIII activity levels, which may increase the risk of thrombotic events.
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Learn more about the importance of why VWF and FVIII are important in maintaining hemostasis

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