wilate Free Trial for Patients with VWD

Factor My Way® Free Trial Program

The Factor My Way Free Trial Program is a unique opportunity for VWD patients and their providers to experience the safety, efficacy, and convenience of wilate at no cost.

If your patients are currently using another VWF/FVIII product, or not yet treating their VWD with a factor therapy, you may want to consider wilate.

With the Factor My Way Free Trial Program, eligible VWD patients can receive treatment with wilate (not to exceed 1-3 doses or not to exceed approximately 5,000 IUs) at no cost, shipped directly to them and administered under your care and supervision.

3 Easy Steps to Enroll

  1. Download and complete the Factor My Way Free Trial Program application form with your patient.

  2. Order electronically or write and hand your patient a prescription for wilate

  3. You or your patient faxes completed forms and wilate prescription to the Factor My Way Support Center at 1.800.554.6744.

    Please encourage your patients to enroll in the Factor My Way patient support program so they can enjoy all the member-only benefits and to support their health journey.

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A Factor My Way Support Center representative is prepared to answer your questions about wilate.

Contact the Factor My Way Support Center at 1-855-498-4260.